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Noggin Rolodex Services

Noggin Rolodex - New Sales and Networking Opportunities: 


Companies sponsor Michael James of Noggin Rolodex to network and refer leads/ introductions and or close sales for them. Michael James is the owner of Noggin Branding and Noggin Finance and would be their walking Rolodex and Outside Sales Manager on a monthly, quarterly, half, and full-year on contract. Michael of Noggin Rolodex would go in person to businesses, provide phone calls, schedule meetings, and build relationships in person and online with companies that my sponsors want to have as new clients.   


I walk into or call around to every business that is on our co-created sales/ networking list from each sponsor. I schedule to speak with the owners, management, and employees, I get to know the company and the entire business operations and systems through an extensive consultation each possible customer goes through to establish not 1 sale but ongoing sales to this network of sponsors that Michael James has built. Through the extensive consulting process, our analyst discovers 45 KPI’s to find the company's strengths and weaknesses. Through this extensive company research, we find out all the details and more including opportunities in but not limited to: marketing, advertising, insurance, financing, business printing materials, clothing needs, radio advertising, and whoever else I get to sponsor me and I bring deals to each party/ sponsor that the business is needing. I would video/ record these interviews with the business owners and staff and that way I will know exactly who to find as clients and refer back to my sponsors/ partners. With the sponsorship of each company, there are requirements before Michael James goes out on your company's behalf. Here is a link to that document - Link as well as a formal Noggin Rolodex contract - Link. Here is the monthly sponsorship fee and commission pricing for Noggin Rolodex - Link


Here are Sponsorship Opportunities: 


1: Networking and Calling - Sales and Leads Generator - Closer 

1: Call all past clients, current clients, or new prospects we build a sales/ networking list together to create new opportunities based on your wants and needs. 


2: Create many offers/ educational events, speak about products/ services to offer Insurance, Real Estate, Legal/ Law, Personal Finance, Commercial Finance, Marketing, AI in your business, or a Free Speaking engagement for current or potential customers too! This can be a wine and cheese networking at your office or another local office and invite your potential customers and current customers 1-2 weeks in advance and see how many people in attendance we can get in attendance. 


2a: Call our past, current and potential customers including but not limited to: CPAs, Business Brokers, Real Estate Brokerages, Screen Printers, Lawyers, Insurance Agents, Business Coaches, Consultants, Construction Companies, Marketers, Advertisers, Bankers, Mortgage Lenders, and have the business owner and have them invite 10-50 or more of their best clients to have a free educational event with wine and cheese if possible. 


2c: Contact Indeed and LinkedIn businesses that have job applications and are looking for employees and then I would call/ schedule a meeting to discuss the free educational event at their business or to invite customers of theirs. 


2: Educational In person and Remote Event & Sales/ Network Strategy

1: Create sales and networking in-person educational events at your office and another location. We invite 10-50 people 2 weeks in advance. Michael will create Videos/ Vlogs/ Video Channels to promote new content for your company and promote it on your website, social media, and email database for you. 


Here are some ideas for content creation

1a: Educate on business ideas - These are ideas that anyone could start the post-corporate job 


1b: Educate on starting a business - Getting a business license - Business Plan - Finance Plan - 


1c: Educate on marketing a business/ product/ service - Free Marketing advice and paid marketing strategies 


1d: Educate on AI Marketing - Chat GPT - Midjourney - Video AI - Writing content - Coming up with AI ideas that every business can benefit from and gain new customers and expand brand visibility. 


3: Noggin Presenting or Sponsors co-event to create content and events together


3: Talk with local and regional business owners that can either train Michael James of Noggin to be the expert and present on their behalf OR the business owner/ staff can present as well as they are the sponsor. You would want to reach out to other business owners and customers to see about a co-sponsor and co-educational event to make it more valuable and fun. Then, offer the event/ co-branded event or opportunity and bring in their customers or audiences. 

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