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What is Noggin Finance?

At Noggin Finance we have one of the largest networks of commercial funding and finance networks in the United States. We have a domestic and international financing network of lenders to accommodate most $1 million up to $5 billion per project financing requests. We introduce you to Lenders around the country to get the best financing products based on your business performance. Contact us today to learn more.

Education & Services

If you need assistance, mentoring, professional services, funding, or access to capital, please contact us as we have the partners to help you, your team, and your future business needs. Noggin Finance has created a large network of funding and financing options. This also includes business and financial experts to help assist with a wide array of business resources for any stage of your personal or business journey.

Community Partnerships

We work with municipal, state, national, and international banking and financing organizations to bring you a truly comprehensive business resource team and network. We have partnered with consultants, accountants, bankers, lawyers, investors, branding, and marketing experts to provide assistance at any stage of business. More information about the financial products offered by our partners can be found on our site, but we encourage you to contact us for more information if your specific needs are not listed. We want to help you find the products or services best suited to the growth and development of your business.


Financial Support

Anyone with enough drive can start the business of their dreams. Noggin Finance aims to help any person or business find the necessary tools and financing to succeed. We have a network of over 1,000 partners in all 50 states and we now operate globally in 180 countries.

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