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Partner Program Resources

Noggin Finance has built a network of banking and financing partners with many resources to assist you in growing your own referral business with Noggin Finance providing additional products and resources to your network and future customers. We are providing these resources to help make your life more organized and help your customers with the information and procedures and resources they need to work with our network or partners and lenders and to be able to get access to the financing they need to grow their businesses.


Below you will find four simple steps on our network and how you can get sales, introductions, and how the operations work on working with Noggin Finance and your customers in sending the financing requests they need


To make it simple and in a numbered list of the steps are below:


1: For any new financing request/ referral - New financing form if you can - email me at or or WhatsApp me. I will schedule a time to meet with them and see if they need 1: want financing or 2: want to also refer us deals and you make a commission off of each deal that the partner closes. 


2: For any new financing loan request - New Financing form - email me at or or WhatsApp me. I will schedule a time to meet with them and see what they need for financing. 


3: You can keep or share - "Ways you can work with us" document and this is a reminder of how Noggin Finance can literally work complementary with any business as we can refer business to them & they can refer business customer needs to us. 

New Financing Customer Request - Click to download
New Referral Partner Request / Introduction - Click to download
Ways to Work with Noggin Finance - Click to download

Looking to apply for Commercial Financing through Noggin Finances network of Financiers but they need more information provided? Here are the free examples/ templates of the forms you can view or download to fill out before you can submit your financing request. This button or link below is the folder for the Business Plan, The Financial Statements, and the Pro-Forma forms/ documents for your viewing and downloading pleasure.


***These are examples so please work with your finance expert to provide the most accurate and current financials to assist your financing request. ***

Do you need a business plan template?

Do you have 1-3 years of Financials Statements for your business? Here is a template

Do you have a Pro Forma or Company Evaluation of your business? Here is a template.

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