Recreational Loans

If you are interested in new or used recreational vehicles, we can help you get the best recreational loan to stay within budget. Whether you are looking for an RV, camper, fifth wheel, toy hauler, or horse trailer, we can help you find the loan to accomplish your dreams. We also offer RV loan refinancing options to help lower your interest rate or monthly payment.

The loan term and details for financing a new or used RV or camper are very similar. On average, RV loans range from 10-15 years, but many banks, credit unions, and other finance companies will extend the term up to 20 years for loans of $50,000 or more on qualified collateral.

Get a loan term up to 15 years (180 months) for fixed RV loans with Noggin Finance's lenders. With flexible financing terms, buyers can also consider making extra payments or pay the loan in full before the end of the term. 

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