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Noggin Finance Team

Learn more about our growing Noggin Finance team and how we can support your business for years to come. Contact our Noggin Finance team today!


Michael James

Owner/ Founder - Partnerships - Operations

After many years working in the world of business, I soon realized I wanted to make a difference by providing the necessary assistance and support to help any business grow with access to the best business resources anyone would need. I am truly honored to work with such a diverse and expansive network of experts in their fields and industries. We want to provide businesses with the best introductions to our incredible partners and experts. We have partnered with them to help make your dreams become a reality.


Welcome to Noggin Finance.

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Alec Josephson

Business Partner - Operations

Many businesses face many obstacles on a daily basis and a support system is a necessity in overcoming these challenges. My goal is to help any businesses gain access to the tools and guidance needed to reach their personal or business goals. Working with Noggin Finance has given me this opportunity and I am excited to assist in your business adventure.

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