Consumer Service Financing 

Our consumer lenders with Noggin Finance have the ability to build a customized, free digital form on your business website that assist in providing instant financing for your customers. After completing this form, your customers could potentially be approved in approximately 3-5 minutes. This consumer financing technology is not typically offered, but the consumer lenders with Noggin Finance can provide the newest and easiest technologies to grow your business. You can now turn your website into a financing product or service marketplace with no code required. This will enable you to offer customers a comprehensive, financial service marketplace quickly and efficiently. From medical sites to employee portals (desktop or mobile), our integrations will best suit your needs. Our marketplaces are pre-built, fully compliant, licensed, and embedded.  With over 400 partners across numerous verticals, we have offers for every search. Read more about the various Consumer Service Financing options that will work best for your business and the needs of your customers. 

Mortgage Loans

Mortgage loans can be provided by our lenders at Noggin Finance. Your mortgage company or brokerage website can now have a digital form where your mortgage applicants apply and potentially be approved in minutes. Our lenders offer competitive payments, rates, and terms.

  • Fast Pre-Approval

  • Easy Online Application and Document Uploads

  • Digital Quick Mortgage Close

  • Quick Dispersion of Funds

Home Improvement Financing

Plumbers, electricians, solar installers, home developers, and more can now offer financing to customers for your services with the consumer financing partners with our Noggin Finance network. You will see more customers, more applicants, more approvals, and more sales for any service-based company. Our lenders offer competitive payments, rates, and terms to meet the needs of your customers. Your customers can easily finance home improvements that may include:

  • Home Furnishings

  • Appliances 

  • Landscaping 

  • Solar Installations

  • Remodels 

  • Additions


Auto Loans

Many new or used car dealers need options for customer financing and our lenders at Noggin Finance can offer competitive payments, rates, and terms. We have a free digital form so your customers can apply on their phone or computer and potentially be approved within minutes. This could lead to an increase in auto sales, more efficient sales, and possibly larger purchases with our Consumer Service Financing options. Our partners can offer low-rate auto loans or auto loan refinancing options. The application process is quick and easy, especially with our online and mobile banking services.

Recreational Loans

If your dealership sells RVs, ATVs, motocross bikes, and more, our lenders at Noggin Finance can help your customers find competitive payments, rates, and terms to finance the recreational vehicles of their dreams. Customers can apply on their phone or computer using a free digital form.  We also offer RV loan refinancing options to help lower your interest rate or monthly payment.​

Medical Financing

Major doctor visits, medical or dental procedures, and more can easily be financed with our lenders at Noggin Finance. If you are a dentist, massage therapist, or medical practitioner of any kind, your customers can utilize a free digital form to apply for consumer service financing. Our lenders will provide your patients with privacy and simplicity during the application process. This allows your office managers, practice administrators, and receptionists to focus on the important work of meeting the needs of your patients. The Noggin Finance network includes lenders that offer a streamlined and automated process for all credit profiles so your patients can be approved for financing quickly. Our application experience is tailored to meet the needs of practice administrators and their patients.

  • Affordable Payments for Customers 

  • Schedule Procedures in a Timely Manner

  • Increase Patient Flexibility and Loyalty 

  • Competitive Payment Options, Rates, and Terms

Debt Consolidation

Accountants, bookkeepers, or debt consolidators can offer an amazing product that could help grow your business and your client base while making your life easier. Your customers can utilize a free digital form to apply for financing quickly and efficiently with competitive payment options, rates, and terms.

With Noggin Finance, our lenders can quickly and securely provide financing to many of your customers or patients with competitive payments, rates, and terms.

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